BLACK IMAGINATION: The States of Matter

CORE GALLERY | Seattle, WA (Jan 4–27, 2018) RSVP on Facebook

I would love your help spreading the word about this upcoming project. Please help me forward this message to folks (especially queer or non-binary black folks, black folks who are parents, incarcerated black folks, youth/young black folks, unsheltered black folks, etc.) who may not often have the opportunity to have their lived experiences celebrated and centered. Please forward this message and RSVP on Facebook.​

BLACK IMAGINATION: The States of Matter, is a live “storybanking” project meant to center and engage black-identified creatives working across disciplines in and around Seattle. Storybanking describes a new media curated archive of first-hand accounts on a similar theme. The thematic thread for the stories collected will be the real or not-yet-realized territory of “The Black Imagination.” These stories will be shared via social media and will be also be part of 3 scheduled exhibitions in January 2018 (at CORE in Seattle); in April 2018 (at Feast Arts Center in Tacoma); and in August 2018 (at Virago Gallery in Seattle).

Some folks are now becoming familiar with the notion of White Supremacy and the consequent psychological territory of “The White Imagination,” which encompasses a vast array of racialized themes from aesthetics and respectability politics, to white fragility and white savior-complexes. The Black Imagination is much less recognizable, accessible, or defined because it can only exist without compromise within the territory of individual black-identified bodies, whose lived experiences are often overlooked, dismissed, and/or ignored. Everything from the very surface of our signifying skin, outwards, is within The White Imagination. Under this perpetual white gaze, physical safety is often a luxury as are other seemingly fundamental human rights.

To participate (black-identified only), USE THIS FORM or send your responses to the following prompts (audio/text) to along with your name and preferred contact info:

What is your origin story?
How do you heal yourself?
Describe or imagine a world where you are safe, valued, & loved.

The purpose of this project is to use available technology to showcase the beauty, incredible diversity, and resilience of those whose lives are often complicated rather than enriched by their blackness.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
P.S. If you don’t have any black friends to forward this to, Imma pray for you.

Tasha | nonwhiteworks


BLACK IMAGINATION: The States of Matter
Co-curated by Natasha Marin, Rachael Ferguson, Amber Flame, and Imani Sims, this black-womxn-led exploration will use technology and storytelling to create a publicly accessible dialogue around black joy, wellness, and creativity for a live gallery experience at CORE in Seattle. (Jan 4 -27, 2018)

*For folks without access to a voice recorder/recording device, we can accept written responses via email or postal mail at:
c/o Shunpike
815 Seattle Blvd S #215
Seattle WA 98134