January “Promises”

January is the Month of Transformation. We make promises to change the way we eat. Promises to finally go after our dreams. Promises to stop doing something. Promises to start over — better. Promises to expand our horizons. Promises to take that much deserved vacation & are you ready for it? Promises to finally let go of those negative relationships. Promises to conduct ourselves better. Promises to be more loving, kind, compassionate, giving, understanding. We avoid foods or activities and fill ourselves up with a month’s worth of “Promises, Promises…” (Sing that by Christopher Williams) We write them down. We showcase them on social media. We tell our friends and family. And we commit to it….. Until those promises become inconvenient. David asked God the following:

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, oh Lord, my strength and my redeemer. Notice he said THY sight. Not other’s. So why do we make these public proclamations? I’ve done it before too. It’s interesting to me that David had enough sense to pray for his heart thoughts after his mouth. “Your heart records every word you speak.” -Robin Sharma

With all of the promises you’ve made and with all of the positive words that you’ve spoken-What Language is your heart recording that only God can hear?

I wrote this two years ago about JANUARY and posted it to Instagram 47 weeks ago…

This time when you lace up your Kicks… Stick with the Word you gave yourself.

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