What do you mean, “I Can’t Make A Mistake?”

It’s interesting how some are allowed to make what society considers the most egregious errors, take some time off, return to center field with a row of cheerleaders (once opposers) celebrating their grand “comeback.” And yet others who make the smallest of mistakes are “the most evil.”

If people don’t want you to make mistakes it is because they hope you’ll give up by giving up on yourself just to keep you from trying. There is no growth in a lack of attempt. Get up and try again. Their dismissal after your mistakes has zero to do with your destiny. It’s not what’s wrong with you that frustrates them — it’s what is right with you that they cannot access alone themselves. Be compassionate but please continue. Kindergarten students have big erasers for a reason. Expo markers have erasers and there is a nifty button on your electronic device called-Return and another called Delete. Cut yourself some slack and celebrate small wins-including the fact that you tried. “You can’t win the game if you don’t even play it.” -Robin Sharma

When will you get off the sidelines of your life and decide to wear your suit — the one that fits you? Not the one others expect of you? Retire your representative and run your own race. Remove yourself from those who don’t want you to grow. They are stuck in their lanes and most likely swimming around in the same closed circles. The problem with closed circles that criticize from the outside looking into your life is that they only have their perception. The only people who don’t want you to slow down are those who are terrified of your progression. Allow them all of the energy sucking space they need within their worlds to live in self-imposed fear. Wish them well and watch them cheer. “And I will make your enemies your footstool.”


Natasha Stevens

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