Where Do We Go From Here? Ode to Fall 2016 Throwback Tracings

“They say: Peace, Peace, when there is no peace.” -The Bible

How can you heal whom you’ve hurt? It’s amazing to me that the very people who do all the rescuing are the ones left on the boat while those who were saved continue to float. But then I look back and realize that while they may appear to be floating; if they needed help on the boat — they will need help on the shore. Jesus interests me because He got in the boat with the disciples to teach the crowd in Luke 5. But He did something interesting and dare I say, “controversial” by those who surrounded him? He got off the boat and talked to them from the shore. That tells me two things:

  1. God is so compassionate about people that He will get in your boat full of whatever cargo you’re carrying, drop you a word of encouragement and step off the boat and move closer in towards the people who need what He has for their situation.

2. God is not afraid of anything. Jesus was always close to crises and controversy. He was laser focused because He understood the magnitude of His mission.

How many of us can truly say that about ourselves today? Are we out for self? Do we encourage people when its convenient and the world is watching? Or, are we consistent in who we are? Have we become hypocritical in our love? Selective in our service?

So many greats have paved the way for us. What a disservice to their sacrifice to not be true to ourselves and others. What a shame to not share what we teach beyond words. If love is an action word — why are the only things moving keys on a keyboard? Where are the physical gap-standees who will stand on the front lines to relieve those who have done it for years? Where are the new & original pioneers?

Where do we go from here? Some have vision boards, others are out in protests, many are in prayer but at what point in the human heart will we actually be what we say and show? At what point will our convictions to our calling be so compelling to us that we aren’t focused on what anyone else is doing? Forgiveness has become illusive in some circles and that’s ok. What isn’t ok is those who refuse to forgive because they’ve been feeding on offenses for so long, they don’t have a palette for true transformation.

I was raised to always learn something new everyday and at the same time to not trust anyone (a single being) who purports to have the answers for everything. Where is the humility and the humanity?

Do you remember those “trendy” WWJD bracelets? If we presume to know what He would do — are we doing it? There are millions of unseen people doing just that. They aren’t wearing their faith on their sleeves because it’s emblazoned in their hearts. They are out in fields that have been abandoned for years by those who were rescued that forgot their “come up.”

I simply have run out of advice for anyone as I myself am asking questions about what it means to be a believer in this century. Counseling women who feel underserved, talking to male students who see their mentors doing the exact opposite of what they teach.

I look at things like human trafficking and violence against women and girls and how we treat the poor and wonder where God is. I know He’s present and David Bowden said: “Sometimes absence isn’t a curse. Sometimes it is a clue.” (From his book “When More Wants More)

Does Jesus want to be politicized? He dealt with it but it didn’t consume his life. He was balanced and so was Buddha. Christianity taught me faith but other religions taught me how to anchor my own. Maybe that’s why God hates division.

When is the last time our verbal and life’s message mirrored HIS and not the times that we live in.

I remember growing up in a small church in my twenties during a time where there was respect for all but there was also civil unrest in places. Sitting on a wooden pew, I had hoped that the Pastor would give some direction as to how to navigate the duality of the times. He didn’t. But He did. He removed himself from all of it and prayed-then He delivered the message that God gave him and it was never about the current times but what God was saying in that moment. Those meetings gave us the stamina to withstand the times more so than had he stood there as an Evangelist for politics. Point: He knew his lane. He was sensitive enough to pray for the times yet grounded enough to stay on course with what GOD desired of him-not us. Ultimately, it all worked for our good. We served the hungry, the addicted, the outcasts and he never took a salary. He didn’t fear getting close to society’s outcasts.

I believe that if he were alive today, he would have an answer to the topic of this post. Not studying and not growing on your own was never a part of his teachings. He believed in free thinking as long as that thinking aligned with God’s truth-Love All People.

In times like these, I think about Bishop Blue and his message/book: “Release the Offense,” particularly the one on Group Offense. Offense blocks blessings.

Where do we go from here? A song in a question. Where do we need to go back and survey the decisions and choices we have made that affects the lives of others? If positive-how do we continue it and if negative-how do we rectify it? When do we nullify the entitlement issue and employ the ALL for one and one for ALL regime?

I’m tired of seeing relationship tips, tired of seeing the same things over and over year after year that clearly aren’t working. I often think about David and Eliab. David was sent in one way but he left another.

What situations are you in that you entered lowly but by providence and skill, you exited exhalted by God but with enough sense to remain humble?

Is there peace? Why did Jesus say that He came to bring not peace but a sword? Who and what was He planning on cutting through? I asked myself that for years. Answer: “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

Maybe that’s why David hid the sword in his heart so that instead of checking others — he repeatedly checked himself. Psalms 51 If you cut your heart open, what would we see?

Robin Sharma speaks often about how positive thinking alone doesn’t work. It takes heart-set and soul-set. God said to set your affections on things above and not on things below. You may be saying: Gosh, with so much going on, that’s really hard to do right now. I get it but if you remember where you’re seated as God’s creation beloved of Him, your vision would be UP and your head would not be bowed down in defeat.

Pride. That little fox hops on everyone’s vine and none of us are an exception. It stems from so many places. But it’s destructive. We can’t change or transform anything with that at all.

Anyway, I’m just free-writing here but please, don’t forget the boat that came to your aid, don’t hurt the help, have enough wisdom to know it when you see it, humility enough to be grateful when you’ve survived because of it and enough tenacity to go help who has been left on the shore with one basket of loaves, a fish but no fire.

Business my friends, is no longer as usual. If your heart isn’t pricked by this post-check your pulse and pursue that which will be a medium for all people-including the ones you don’t even know yet. “A people I have not known shall serve me.” -David

He said that because familiarity breeds contempt and God had to transfer power in the midst of his pain to excommunicate those who rejected him and left him to die so that people of the same mind, same heart and allegiance to serving others could come through.



PS. Each day you post or tweet or talk or text about people is a day wasted unless you have the foresight to get from boat to shore and assist the ones you’re communicating about without their knowledge. Feeling slighted as though the shore has forsaken you? Cheer up… that short end of the stick that you think you got… is a match. Stay on fire for Service. By the time your backup gets to you — you will probably tell them “back up — I got this now.” Wishing new levels of faith for you and yours. Stay focused. Your victory will depend on losing a few vices. Including this blog. I don’t know your situation. Stop reading and go talk to God. He is beckoning. That’s up to you whether or not you want to talk to Him or switch over to one of your social media pages. “Did she just write that?” Indeed I did. I can’t help anyone “unplug and stay focused nor re-route hearts” if I myself haven’t been delivered from it. I don’t want you to have a half-delivery or a healing service. I want you whole. Jacob walked with a limp-blessed. You ain’t gotta lie, Craig. Live long and prosper.

Doing the interior work…

Dedicated to Robin Sharma one man who changed everything! He gets it. I’d say he over-stands it. I pay attention to someone of his caliber who stood in an elevator with his first book around his neck — hoping a publisher would take notice. He is the most non judgmental person ever. I don’t know his nutritional diet but whatever he does beyond the soul cycle classes, he needs to bottle and sell it. It’s like we are walking around with Ghandi among us. Ok I’m done. Have an awesome day! Stay Anchored but fly above all the drama-you’ll get better directions that way.

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