Bleeding Colour 🎨

You worry about

preserving your sense of self

When the women around you

are so defined by their relationships

to men

You are more than a wife, daughter, mother

At first they asked you when

you would marry

Now they want to know when you

will give them a child.

A rented womb

Someone once told me

they were happy they didn’t

let their daughter work abroad

Because she would struggle

to integrate back into society

after developing a sense of self.

She took pride in clipping her wings

before she could learn to fly

Another woman told me

that she was glad her son

was smart enough to marry a woman

of her choosing

Who would never challenge him

but would take pleasure in supporting him.

She took pride in preserving her son’s ego

instead of his mind

You worry about bleeding color slowly

Always expected to put

everyone else’s needs before your own.

Sacrifice is not always the highest value.

I won’t let you define me.