Four lesser known features of SMS campaigns

Text message or SMS is not something new or needs to be introduced. In today’s time, everybody, at least all mobile phone users know how to send an SMS from a mobile. But, SMS are not just used by people to communicate with their friends and family, but businesses too use text messages to stay in touch with their clients. This requires setting up and sending a large scale SMS campaigns to thousands or millions of mobile users.

Sending bulk SMS to a group of people though a bulk SMS service provider is still comparatively new for a number of businesses. Even today a number of people are clueless about sending out bulk SMS that is same for every user. 
Want to learn more? Here are four facts about things you can do with SMS campaigns.

You don’t have to be near a phone to send SMS

Bulk SMS campaigns are sent through a cloud based text platform. You don’t need a phone with you in order to send a SMS. Rather, any device with Internet connection like a PC, laptop or tablet is capable of sending SMS to your mobile users.

Sending SMS through a platform also allows you to plan and schedule texts ahead of time. This means you can easily plan your complete marketing campaign beforehand and free up your hands when the SMS is sent.

2. Send a tailored SMS to millions of people

Marketing automation has become very effective these days. For example, with email, you can divide users based on a complete range of data and personalize subject of the email by name. Well, the great news is that you can do the same thing with SMS too.

Use SMS Gaetway API to send SMS and to collect data on your users like interests, location, age and name. This will allow you to customize your campaign and marketing requirements in the same manner like an email campaign, with the additional benefit of knowing that your SMS are lot more likely to be opened, read and acted upon. Open rates for emails only average around 14%, which is very low as compared to open rate of SMS i.e. 98%.

3. Keep record of every click on short links in sent SMS

Do you want to share valuable information with your subscribers? A smart messaging service platform allows you to text out short links that direct your recipients to a landing page. Short links are tractable, which means you can see who clicked on what and when. This also helps you determine what content works best and how it engages your users so you can personalize your outreach accordingly. Like, if you see that most links are clicked between 4–5 PM, and then you can plan out when to send your SMS for great results.

4. SMS can lead people to resources anytime, anywhere

With SMS service platform, you can make resources easily available with the ease of an SMS. Do you want to direct clients to the nearest outlet; all it needs is your mobile users to send an SMS with their zip code to your number. Your customers can use this service irrespective of time and place without any supervision on the company’s end. All you have to do is automate your SMS responses and you are good to go.

Overall, Transactional SMS Gaetway service providers offer a huge range of options making it an extremely flexible communication medium. With the scalable outreach and customization and automation options, SMS is a great tool in any business’s marketing outreach.

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