Learn how you can gain the best ROI for you and your clients with SMS

Natasha Williams
May 12, 2016 · 2 min read

Today, SMS has become one of the most effective ways to target customers. Therefore, this type of communication can prove beneficial not just for your business, but it can considerably benefit your clients too. As SMS is swift, direct and pocket friendly more brands are sending SMS than even before.

How you and your consumers can benefit from Bulk SMS marketing and alerts:

  • Instant access to important SMS reminders and text alerts: your clients will appreciate the free reminders and updates via smart messaging service.
  • Simple and quick routes of contact: SMS can ease the annoying situations like searching never ending website pages looking for postal or email address or being kept holding on the telephone. By setting up a simple text short code you can allow your clients to get answers to questions plus the contact details they want as soon as they request it.
  • Simple access to product discounts: Customers just love discounts on a service or product. However printed offers have many cons- the voucher can get damaged or lost. So, this way your clients will be happy to get coupon codes via SMS API . Just by showing the SMS with the discount at the billing counter, customer can avail the discount.
  • Getting information in no time after it is requested: The more efficient a business runs the better. By making it hard for your clients to get the information they need can end up causing you to miss out on sales. Important information like product details, service updates and opening times can be requested by your clients via text message and the desired information sent straight to their mobile phone in no time.
  • Never miss out: Now your client never have to run the risk of missing out on important information about your company ever again. As long as they subscribe to your text message updates they can be assured to always be updated about the important company announcements in the future.

So how text message can be beneficial in business? Here are a few examples:

  • Schools, colleges and universities: Update parents where needed about confirming parents meeting, coursework notification and absence.
  • Training centers: Confirm course schedules, times and logistics by text message in order to decrease the number of no shows.
  • Hairdressers and salons: Make sure future appointments are confirmed via text messages or special promotions, voucher deals and discounted hair care and beauty products and services.
  • Restaurants: Send SMS for special promotional voucher codes and meal deals.
  • Hotels: Room booking confirmation, logistic like check in/out times and definitely updates about upcoming events and entertainment facilities.
  • Doctors, hospital and dentists: You can use Transactional SMS to remind your patients of their scheduled appointments, give health updates or confirm care schedules.

So, start using smart messaging service today and take the primary yet significant step towards gaining the best ROI for you and your clients. Make sure you choose a reliable and established service provider.

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