Magento SMS Extension to Send SMS Alerts in Bulk

The mobile world has made text SMS an incredible opportunity to go away from old email alerts for the e-commerce world. The capability of providing problem free and quick resolutions is the key to sustain customers and improve purchases. The inconceivable popular method — SMS service for order alerts can help in offering outstanding experiences to the customers.

Shopping online and anticipating for products to be sent can be an exhilarating process. As a merchant, you can enhance the buyers’ experiences by making them updated on the products buying and delivery. All at once, keep yourself rationalized on every new order placed. In this way, you are always getting alerts through SMS after an order is placed.


  • In Magneto store, this SMS alert module is simple to fix.
  • Customer gets detail via SMS, no requirement to verify the mail from everywhere.
  • SMS are always depicted at the delivered time, but an e-mail that can be regarded SPAM sometimes.
  • SMS alert to customer, allow the customer to find about the latest features.
  • SMS alerts to send to customer and an administrator, whereas the order gets placed.
  • SMS alert to customer, if order gets abandoned.
  • Customized order SMS. No more uninteresting and standardized alerts. Customize order alerts and updates to provide very close relationships with the customers.

Easy incorporation. Set up Magento SMS extension with a few more click and you are good to go.

Order SMS alerts for Administrator. Sellers get notifications whenever a latest order is placed with the ideal timing for articulating Thank you.

Order notifications for Buyers. Buyers are continuously sent updates with shipping positions as a guarantee that their orders will reach soon.

All order positions are supported such as order placed, hold, not hold, cancelled, and shipped.

You can run your very own loyalty program through bulk SMS to reward present customers and attract new customers.


1) Ensure you have suitable mobile numbers gathered from customers on registration or checkout.
2) Sign up to an API account.


You can arrange the extension with configuration page.
In place of it, there are some other SMS marketing methods available such as send SMS using PHP, Java SMS API, bulk SMS extension, SMS gateway, etc. So, you can make use of these methods also to send SMS notifications to your customers in bulk and promote your business successfully.

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