Use these tips to improve seasonal marketing with bulk SMS service

There are times in a year when your customers are online looking for perfect gifts and getaway deals- Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas to name a few. This is a nice opportunity to drive sales and please your clients with helpful services. Bulk SMS service is a great way to improve engagement all year round, but it is especially effective around seasonal occasions and holidays. This is because clients are constantly looking for difficult to find items and last minute deals on their mobiles.

In a research, it was found that 82% increase is experienced in clients using mobile phones to research holiday deals and gifts. Adding seasonal text messages is an effective way to complement your present marketing techniques. Here are top ways SMS can assist:

Improve in-store sales

Using SMS to send alerts about seasonal occasions and sales is a pocket friendly way of advertising exclusive offers. Sending offers by SMS will improve foot traffic too, because 78% of clients are more expected to visit a store when they receive an SMS voucher. If your business is having an exclusive sale that will just last for a short time, this is the best way to let your clients know about the same, because SMS are read within minutes. On the other hand, if we talk about emails, then only 20% are read. Text messages also reach out to clients while they are out.

Increase online shopping

While in-store sales are important around events, higher convenience is pushing more shopping online. Moreover, when it comes to occasions like Father’s Day, online vouchers are one of the most popular choices. Seniding SMS through SMS Gateway API is an effective way to reach clients looking for gifts ideas, decoration items or to send crucial information like order confirmation and shipping details. SMS makes it easy to give visibility so clients don’t have to look for order numbers or get in contact with client support. You can also use SMS to tell your clients about the limited availability of popular products and when they will be back in stock. 
Assist last minute shoppers

A number of people won’t get themselves organized for upcoming events until the last minute and they will look for great deals. The days before Easter, Christmas and Good Friday are extremely busy and considered the biggest shopping days of the year. Create your last minute text message offers according to your business goals and client interests, this might mean providing free express shipping, a store wide discount or free delivery for all online purchases. Using text message is an effective way to ensure easy and quick process for clients who were waiting for the last minute to shop. Now, they can easily click on the URL given in the SMS and take your customer directly to the online store.

Thank your customers

Holidays and occasions are a great time to get into the spirit of gift-giving, and say thanks to your most valuable clients. SMS is a great way to reach them because you know they will see your SMS no matter how busy they are. You can send an exclusive discount, or just message thanking them for their loyal support.

There is no better time to engage your clients than during any special event or occasion. Use promotional SMS or transactional SMS services to attract clients looking for seasons offers and follow up with helpful information like order confirmation and shipping details.