My findings in Japan
Kwan Panyawanich

I agree with you when mentioning about Mcdonalization of Japanese convenient store! Based on my experience in Kyoto for 6 months there, I would say the concept does not only apply to their convenient store, but it is also applied to every restaurant or stores in Japan. They are really generous and great at their service minds. It seems like the standard of working for Japaneses are the same or even more better and better. At the same time, It is also scary how japaneses would take their work too seriously that they might commit suicide. One of my japanese friends told me that japanese people would commit themselves with only one company and do not move to other companies in order to show their respect and hard-working toward company. They even have a manga which about how japanese take their working style too strictly and it shows us what their thoughts about it. I think it’s a good manga to give you some ideas and experience in working life not only in japan but I think you could apply to every culture or asian culture.

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