You Never Know…

Just recently I stumbled on a video of a Harvard Law School student reading from his memoir — Dreams From My Father — at the Cambridge Public Library in 1995. That student, 13 years later, became the first black President of the United States. Wow, just wow. At that moment when I watched the video, the phrase “You Never Know” kept popping in my head.

“So, you never know, you could be the next big thing in the World”

When I became an entrepreneur — just over a year ago — my goal was to use technology to solve a problem I discovered while living my day-to-day life. Of course it was not gonna be easy, but I took a leap of faith against all odds, determined that this was the path I wanted to thread on and yeah, it has been an overwhelming journey.

Fast forward to today, I have met awesome, smart, extraordinary, influential and crazy people on the way. I have had talks with people in the entrepreneurship ecosystem locally and internationally. I have learnt a lot on the way and I have not even scratched the surface yet.

I keep telling people how important it is to do what you really love, put in your best at all times, keep learning always, take risks — a lot of them — and live life freely. I have heard stories of people who were nothing early on but became a whole lot down the road.

Take a look at these folks:

  • Peter Thiel — A Philosophy graduate turned serial investor and artificial intelligence enthusiast
  • Elon Musk — A South African that was bullied when young but now focused on starting a colony in Mars
  • Jack Ma — Rejected by Harvard couple of times but now a Chinese business magnate and Philanthropist
  • Sport Men/Women — Most of which come from very poor homes but are living the dream now

And the list could go on but to mention a few…

The future is never guaranteed but sitting down, folding your hands will not help either. You have all it takes to be great. No one became what he/she is today by being born with it. Be bold, courageous, outstanding, determined, teachable, crazy, relentless and focused enough to get what you want with what you have. Trust me your case isn’t the worst right now but could be if you don’t take that step. When you see handicapped individuals making waves then you know you have got no excuse not to be successful.

Toro Orero — A friend and a brother — once said,

“Think of the greatest thing you wanna achieve or be in life, write it down, put a pin on it, count or take 1000 steps further, that’s where you wanna aim for.”

That sounds crazy right? Yeah right but try it…

Hey, YOU NEVER KNOW, you could transform the world in your own way.

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