Aubrey’s Adventure: Being a Busy Body

Aubrey Kerr stand outside of the University Center for the Arts (photo courtesy Aubrey Kerr)

An average day for Aubrey Kerr starts with feeding her guinea pig, Waffles, scraping together breakfast while prepping for the day, then bussing off to class at Colorado State University, where she studies Journalism & Media Communications.

Kerr is a type of person widely known as a busy body. She’s got two jobs, one as a host of a television show at CSU’s own network, the other as Body Image Coordinator for her sorority, Delta Delta Delta (which she’s extremely involved in). She also takes a full course load every semester.

Having two jobs on top of being a full-time student isn’t a rarity in collegiate circles. Some people will wait tables some days and babysit the next. Aubrey’s case is special though, because she’s got more ambition and moxie than these people.

“She’s so motivated,” says Marissa Caine, Kerr’s close friend. “She works hard at not only the task at hand, but also on her future.”

Aubrey is graduating in the spring, and she’s got two ideas for where she’s headed: TV News Anchor or Public Relations Specialist.

“I love being on air and talking,” Kerr says of her hosting gig. “And I love letting Fort Collins see who I am and what I can do.”

Aubrey and her co-host, Nate Day, on the set of The CTV Music Video Countdown (photo courtesy Nate Day)

Aubrey is currently the co-host of The CTV Music Video Countdown, a monthly specialty show where Aubrey and her team countdown the top music videos on the college charts of the last month. While Aubrey’s friends and coworkers love the work she does, she recognizes the downside of the show.

The process for creating an episode of “The CTV Music Video Countdown” begins with a pitch meeting where Aubrey, her co-host, and her producers swap thoughts on the upcoming show. They’ll generally discuss what they want to talk about, and give the hosts pointers to make their performance better. Next come script writing, which generally involves a few hours of research to find the latest and hottest topics, and then a few hours trying to put plenty of “Aubrey” into her segment. For each show, Kerr will write a two-minute segment about gossip within the music industry, a topic that she’s relatively passionate about. When she receives the rest of her script, she’ll spend several hours mulling it over, and getting familiar with it. Then comes show time, when Aubrey gets to strut her stuff on camera. The show takes about 45 minutes to film, and then Kerr is free to go.

“I wish that I had more control over what we talked about,” Kerr explains. “Because I feel like I don’t have a voice.”

Kerr’s script for the show is written by her producer, Danny Steiner, each month with the exception of her gossip segment, which she writes herself.

“I bring positivity and personality to the show, but it’s not me,” Kerr explains. “The jokes seemed forced because that’s not how I talk and interact.”

Regardless of Kerr’s feelings on her own role in the show, it’s clear that her coworkers admire her.

“She brings a lot of energy to the show,” says her producer, Steiner. “She always shows up ready to work, and being her best self.”

Steiner also praised Kerr’s personality, saying that she’s obviously “comfortable with who she is,” which Steiner believes come across strongly in her work on the show.

Aubrey’s other career path possibility is to jump into public relations. She currently serves as the Body Image Coordinator within her sorority, meaning that she’s responsible for promoting self love and educating her sisters about eating disorders and the like. She also participates in the planning of Body Image 3D, an initiative to promote self love in sophomore students. This ties into her aspirations because she has the opportunity to address all of her sisters at chapter meetings, and to effect a positive change.

According to Kerr’s close friend and sorority sister, Marissa Caine, Kerr’s really made the position her own.

“She’s really stepped up as the Body Image Coordinator,” says Caine. “Before, it wasn’t what others would consider a huge position, but that didn’t stop her.”

Kerr strives to ensure that her peers feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in their bodies, and according to Caine, it has quite the effect on their sisters.

Aubrey’s self love and comes from a dark place, however, as she was sexually assaulted during her freshman year of college at the University of New Mexico, resulting in her transfer to CSU. Aubrey also faced bullying and depression in both high school and her first year of college, making for a nearly impossible few years.

“I have to talk to myself a lot more,” said Kerr of her life after assault, bullying and depression. “I have to remind myself that I’m stronger and I’m better because of what happened to me.”

But Kerr’s not alone in empowering herself, either. Kerr cites her mother as a voice that constantly reminds her of her strength and her worth. Nowadays, Kerr is more than happy to speak publicly about self love and maintaining happiness, especially for her sorority.

Kerr encourages her fellow women to be comfortable with themselves and to not let others’ misconceptions of a person’s worth define them.

“And shine bright like a diamond!” Kerr exclaims in reference to what she teaches her peers.

(photo courtesy of Aubrey Kerr)

And shine bright she does. Wherever Kerr ends up in the future, it’s clear that her name is one that you’ll undoubtedly hear again, and that million-dollar smile is one we’ll never stop seeing.