Hotshot Trucking: What Does It Mean And Why Should I Care?

What a funny sounding term “hotshot trucking” is. It comes across the ears and anyone who hears it just wants to know exactly what it is. It is a subject worth exploring and separating out from what it is not.

The most common confusion about this type of trucking is that it is the same thing as expedited trucking. That is something slightly different. Expedited trucking has to do with moving particular materials to a location quickly regardless of the nature of the vehicle moving them. In other words, one might use a van or small straight truck to accomplish this miss. That is not what one does with hotshot though.

Medium duty to one ton trucks are what is used in hotshot trucking. These trucks can pull trailers of freight with them to wherever the destination is that it needs to arrive in. Some of those trips are quite short while others are all the way across the country. Regardless, these are trips taken with a limited amount of freight. That is because the trucks can only carry so much freight with them, and when they hit their capacity that is it.

It was a frequent site to see a lot of drivers doing this form of driving while waiting around at the oilfield back in the day. They might be waiting on another project to get done while they went ahead of started taking some other freight over somewhere else. They would do this to earn some money for themselves while waiting on their primary project to get caught up. It is not as common of a practice anymore, but it still happens pretty regularly.

Regular freight trucks have to carry much larger loads to make it worth their while. The hotshot drivers can carry items that would not make sense for a regular freight carrier to bother with. That is great because it creates a market for those with smaller trucks to get in the freight hauling business too. At the same time, all of that freight needs to move regardless of it is big or small, so it is nice to have trucks of all sizes that are willing to step up and get in the game.

The oilfield is a place where one might spot a lot of hotshot trucking. There are plenty of pieces large and small used to extract oil from the Earth. Moving those pieces around and getting them where they need to go requires trucks of all shapes and sizes. Usually the owner of the oilfield would like to pay as little as possible for transportation of parts, so having some people willing to move the smaller parts in their personal vehicles is always a nice situation.

The investment to get started in doing some hotshot work is just the price of a reliable truck that has the room to move some parts. It is a lot less expensive than purchasing full-sized freight trucks to get started. Some people have started with these smaller loads and built their way up to being able to own a larger truck that they can then use to haul more and make more money over time.

It is a business that anyone willing to invest a little time and money can get involved with. It is a great service that is needed in order for us all to have a functioning society where things get to where they need to be. Everyone wins in this industry, and there are not too many of them that you can say that out. Trucking the hotshot way just makes sense.

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