Gio Dee — “TOTB2: This Is Only The Beginning” Summary

Boston’s Hip Hop scene just continues to grow. We get more proof with Gio Dee’s newest drop. TOTB2: This Is Only The Beginning 2, is a 16-track release from Gio that shows he’s more than capable of providing bangers.

If you needed some new quality music to turn up cruise to..or to smoke vibe to..or just wanted to hear how some of New Boston sounds then Gio Dee and TOTB2 is a good listen for you.

Autotune, trap beats, and fun flows fill the mixtape to capacity and that’s fine. The releases up to TOTB2 (Celebrity, Wit Me, Legacy, For The LOE) let us know that’s what we should’ve expected from the project. So we got that in abundance and with quality.

If you ask me I’ll tell you that Busta, Mind Yo Business and The Facade (Celebrity and For The LOE too but those were on repeat long before the ‘tape dropped) are the tracks that bump the most and they’re all aux cord approved.

Rihanna/Do Her is my personal favorite off the project. David Greene put together a futuristic, mellow and smooth, two-part sound for Gio. Which he stuck to the routine of autotune and catchy flows but instead of the usual turn up tempo, he slowed it down with a more calm feel. “Pour it up with a rude boy we make cake/….Beat it up, Chris Brown, she fall in love…/SOS, man down, man call the laws”… On the second part of the track, he uses the same autotune/slow/mellow recipe and completes the dual-record hit.

Dee uses a bunch of producers this time around. Freeze On The Track, Izzy The Kid, Sarah Jay, CMPLX, TrapMoneyBenny, David Greene, Pilot Beats, IV Beats, RemixxLV, Humbeats, Success The Producer, Ric & Thadeus Music, Nick Miles and Miles Bricd Musick all are featured producers on the mixtape. It’s also hosted by Mr. Holiday Season aka DJ Holiday.

I listen to TOTB2 and hear Gio Dee reflecting on his come up. I listen to TOTB2 and hear Gio paying homage to his team and friends that are no longer here. I listen to TOTB2 and hear Dee celebrating his victories.

After a couple years of searching for his sound, Gio Dee has found it. Dope production, radio-ready hooks and smooth flows… With a ‘tape like this under his belt, it’s going to be interesting to see what his next move is but I’m willing to bet it’s going to be a move in the right direction.

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