“Repo Waves”

It’s one (unacceptable) thing to jump on someone’s wave and try to ride it to success with them. But stealing waves? Stealing waves is an epidemic in itself and it must come to an end..immediately. The wavejackers must be stopped.

Lack of originality… People being scared to admit what they like… People being scared to like shit in general.. People bashing what they dislike more than praising what they do like… All of that, amongst other things, contributes to the wavejackin’ plague.

My thing is..as a man, how could you be okay and comfortable in your own skin knowing you’re running with another mans wave? I don’t get it. In a time where dope, authentic, organic waves are hard to come by it’s just disrespectful to the culture to be out here stealing waves. The originator is already working three times as hard to generate it and then someone just comes through and jack it? Not cool. Not acceptable. Not jiggy.

I’ll say one thing though. Wavejackin’ isn’t new.. Wavejackin’ has been going on for sometime now.. It’s just that nowadays people are able to do it and because there’s so much going on its harder to recognize. But the real ones always know what’s what. It never goes unnoticed. We’ve all seen it happen. Maybe once. Maybe twice. Maybe all the time… Wavejackin’ never goes unnoticed though. Not ever..

Now there’s some wavejackers out there that will do it lowkey.. It’s some that will do highkey and then try to act like the originator is wack. It’s a deep situation. There are many levels to wavejackin’. But I have some advice for all parties involved.

Advice For The Victims:

  • Don’t React:

Never react. Never react for two main reasons. 1) reacting just shines light on them (whether it’s positive or negative, it’s light nonetheless). 2) reacting proves they win and we could never ever let the wavejackers win.

  • If You Can Make One Wave, You Can Make Another:

Making one wave is all the confirmation you need to make another wave. Sure, it’s going to be harder. Yes, it might not happen right away. But history proves all the greats have had more than one wave. Just keep working and waving.

Advice For The Wavejackers:

  • Someone Always Notices:

You never get away squeaky clean. Not ever. Even if it appears that way. There’s too many eyes on the streets and ears to the streets for someone not to notice a wavejack.

  • Karma:

Karma. Everyone knows about her. Everyone probably has had to deal with her. But I can guarantee the karma for wavejackers and wavejackin’ will be very very real.

Advice For The Innocent Bystanders:

  • Stay Aware, Stay Silent:

Everyone should keep their eyes and ears all the way in tune with the streets. That should go without saying. But one thing that needs to be said is never publicly call out the wavejacker. Unless the wavejacker is trying to downplay the originator, front really really bad like his wave is original, or call out another wavejacker for wavejackin’ then just make note of the situation. Make note of the situation, then bring it to light without being too blatant. Any look is a good look. That’s a cliche saying but it’s true. Calling out the wavejack is going to be beneficial to the perpetrator because they’re going to get looks off it. So just remain silent until the timing is right but always remain aware.

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