Kitchen Design Ideas

One of the more pleasurable aspects of home renovation is designing the kitchen. The kitchen is not only the center of many homes, but a homeowner has a wider range of decor in this room than in nearly any other. How, for example, would an expanse of stainless steel work in the living room or a bedroom? But with kitchen design, stainless steel can be stunning.

Homeowner or Interior Designer?

The homeowner may find themselves in the happy position of being able to hire an interior designer, but many homemakers get their kitchen design ideas from decorating magazines and residential interior design websites that burst with jaw-droppingly beautiful and pristine kitchens. If you are looking to hire a professional, check out Country & Town Houses’ top 50 Interior Designers in the UK.

Overall Look

Kitchen design ideas start with the overall look and style of the kitchen. Ideally, the kitchen should compliment the style of the other public rooms in the house, especially if the house has an open plan.

Country Style

Country style kitchens have always been popular. Wood furnishings predominate, including simple wood shelves, cabinets and flooring. Some have deep farmer’s sinks with aprons and simple, double hung windows that may be undressed or dressed. Interior designers suggest terra cotta pots of fresh or dried flowers on the kitchen table and baskets, copper pots, molds and kitchen utensils hung on the walls.

Victorian Style

Victorian kitchens tend to be luxurious. The furniture has molding and may have cut crystal or porcelain door pulls. Doors are framed by classical pilasters and arches. In the residential interior design of long ago, “real” Victorian kitchens were found in the bowels of the house and didn’t get much natural light. Nowadays the homeowner can add a skylight to enhance the light from the windows.

Modern and Contemporary

This is where materials such as stainless steel and glass come into their own. These kitchens often have frameless, simple cabinets, glass cabinet doors and stainless steel countertops and sinks. The trick with this kind of kitchen is to make the room both utilitarian and welcoming.


Appliances have come a long way even since the 70s, the era of the avocado green fridge. Kitchen appliances are not only state-of-the-art and energy efficient, but are made to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Of course, someone thought that an avocado fridge was pretty, but it was the 70s.


Most kitchens still use the top freezer type of refrigerator, which is affordable and easy to install. Models that have freezers and refrigerators dwelling side by side in the same unit tend to be pricier and less energy efficient, though they are good if there is a lot of food to freeze. They also have perks such as climate controlled bins.


These refrigerators are made to fit into a built-in cabinet. They are side-by-side units and don’t have as much storage space as the top freezer refrigerators. However, they make up for it in sheer stylishness.

Bottom Freezer

These refrigerators are becoming more and more popular, even though they too are more expensive and hold less than the traditional top freezer model. One benefit is that the cook doesn’t have to bend down to find stuff on the bottom shelf.

Stoves, Ranges, Ovens

These too have become very high-tech, though some people don’t quite know how to tell them apart. The stove is a cooktop with burners. The oven bakes or roasts food, and a range combines the two of them. Cooktops do not have to be attached to ovens and can be placed on the counter or kitchen island. One of the newer kitchen ideas is the magnetic induction cooktop, which uses the energy of magnets to heat food. When a person touches the burner it is not hot. The one caveat is that the pot needs to be made of iron or steel for it to work.

Of course, interior designers have written volumes about kitchen design. These few kitchen ideas should be enough to get a person started on the kitchen of their dreams.