N: Catching up

So let’s go back and check out what I wore on my first day:

Mmm so classy

However I am a sucker for comfort so I wore thigh high wool socks and moccasins on my way to school.

I was going for comfort but all my classmates thought I was going for “sexy schoolgirl” people are weird.

I apologize for not posting early but there has been some unpleasant events in my life. My favorite pet passed away in my arms earlier this week. He was almost twice as old as the average life span for a pet rat (he was 3.5 years old, they normally live up to 2. Yes I love rats, they are one of the best pets to have) and he was definitely deteriorating but I have to say, his passing was not easy. It was shocking and painful and quick. He screamed and chocked and bent over backwards looking at me the whole time as I held him and repeated over and over again “I love you, it’s ok, I love you” and I felt like I betrayed him as I did nothing else. I thought I was okay with him dying but by the time the light went out of his eyes (a cliche but very accurate depiction of what actually happened, his light pink eyes went dull and slowly turned grey) I didn’t even realize I had been screaming along with him too. I think one of the few things to help dull the pain is that everyone keeps telling me the same thing: he was one of the most spoiled and loved and sweet pets they have ever met and he knew I loved him and he was extremely well cared for. I want to know he had a good life and if others say it then perhaps it is true.

The little cream guy to the left is Fox who passed away this week, his brother, Zip, passed away a few months ago. This is an old photo of them.

Besides that horror, it’s been hiring week and I thought I would have gotten at least an invite to an interview but it’s Thursday and my phone is silent and I have gotten rejection letters. It’s a huge blow to my ego and very draining. I don’t want to go to anymore networking events I just want to sleep. But instead I am now getting ritzed up again. Plan for today’s outfit:

Blazer — The Limited

Pants — Michael Kors Wide Trousers

Blouse — I haven’t thought about it, if it’s still chilly I might opt for a bright orange Michael Kors blouse, if it’s a bit warmer when I leave perhaps a lace shirt from Max Studio.

Shoes — same as before, Nine West Martina Nudes

Photos to follow.

Signing out, -N

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