Don’t Control Guns, Ban Them

In the wake of mass shooting in our country, stricter gun control is called for on a national scale. After a couple stormed into a southern California holiday work party and opened fire killing 14, some called for the ban of all guns. One of those people was Phoebe Maltz Bovy, an American writer living in Canada. Bovy’s article was written only days after the San Bernardino shooting, but she does not credit this as the reason all guns should be banned in the US.

Bovy states that she used to claim to be pro-gun control, but illustrates that gun control even its most radical forms only calls for the regulation of certain guns and for the end of loopholes that allows people to buy guns through other people. Bovy quotes a NY Times articles that states that guns should not be taken away from people who already own the, Bovy completely disagrees.

The main claim that Bovy is making is that the national conversation needs to shift from the acceptance of weapons as a part of our culture, to the conversation that requires the people who are not politicians to speak their mind. She claims that this will not happen unless the people who silently oppose guns decide to start speaking out. Bovy credits the wariness to speak out to the reluctance to accept the Second Amendment as a refutation, as well as a reluctant to impose “Elite Culture”, on parts of the country where guns are popular. Bovy also claims that some point out that gun culture is too engrained into our society, and that banning guns all together is impossible legislatively and pragmatically, which weakens the anti-gun position.

Bovy is writing to the people who are against guns, but don’t feel they have the power or voice for anything to be done about them. She is evoking the emotions of her readers to result in them taking action. Bovy is also writing to the people who believe that gun control is the ultimate answer to solving problems surrounding gun violence.She uses the point that there are no “good” and “bad” gun owners, gun ownership ship is bad altogether so there is no point in trying to divide our society. I have done extensive research on this topic, and this is one of the best points I have come across from the anti-gun side of this debate. The fact the she uses the term “elite culture” led me to believe that her target audience is an audience who believes that the people in the parts of the country where guns are still prominent, feel that there is a high society that is pushing their morals on these other parts of the country.

Bovy uses hyperlinks to many news articles that help keep her readers on top of what has happened so far, as well as citing a respectable pro-gun control article from the NY times. The author uses many short paragraphs, keeping each point separated by the explanation she gives. This gives this article good flow and makes it easy to follow as a reader.


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