Patriotism In America

Gun-control is a popular topic right now because of the presidential election in November. I have written a topic background detailing what events have led up to where the debate is at today. In my last post, I weighed in on where this debate currently at, and what I personally believe about the current situation. In my opinion, I believe that there is not right answer to how gun control could be applied to our country. I believe that after the shootings at Sandy Hook, no single mass shooting or tragedy will alter the gun culture in our country.

In my research I found a news article written by Lev Raphael, an author, reviewer, and blogger who did a blog post titled “The U.S. Isn’t Australia: Gun Control Won’t Happen Here”, written in October 2015, for Raphael was writing this blog post in the wake of the mass shootings at Umqua Commuity College in Roseburg, Oregon, where 9 were shot dead by a fellow classmate. In Raphael’s post, he details how unique of a history with weapons the United States has, and because of that gun-control will not happen in the US.

Raphael describes how our country became independent by rebelling against the British, who were trying to impose their power by controlling firearms in the colonies. Raphael is not implying that people will rebel if the government were to step in, but that because our history with guns so far back into our roots, it is not going to change. Raphael states that the rates of mass shootings have tripled since 2011, and there were 45 school shootings in 2015 as of early October. This author also claims that citing the successes of gun control in Australia is pointless, due to the fact that no other country that shares the unique history with guns, and what they mean to us.

The audience that Lev Raphael is writing to is an audience that are advocates for gun control, and he is attempting to make them come to a realization. Raphael is using appeals to logic and emotion to persuade this audience that the course in which we are taking to control guns, is a course that is spotlighted after a shooting tragedy, where the calls for gun-control fade due to our unique history with guns. Raphael uses statistics that show that the problems of gun violence have only gotten worse in recent years, and nothing has yet to be done. This is an appeal to logic, trying to get the reader to understand that if the problems have been getting worse, and nothings being done, then nothing will be done. Raphael also gives a brief history of how the first battles of the American Civil War were in response to the British attempting to control our guns. This is an emotional appeal to his’ audience, attempting to make his readers feel like they should be proud of weapons, because they were essential to our country becoming independent from the British colonial rule.