Ben Rothlisberger Will Miss Playing Time Due to Injury

Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, will miss Sunday's game against the New England Patriots due to a torn meniscus in his left knee. He has injured this knee before, but this injury only compounds the deep bone bruise he suffered last year. Because of his previous injury he may need to miss even more time after this week.

Julio Urias is Set to Start Wednesday

Julio Urias is listed as the starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the fourth game of the National League Championship Series. He will be the youngest pitcher to start a post-season game. He is 20 years and 68 days old.

Dez Bryant Cut His Fingers While Making Soup

While at home Dez Bryant cut three of fingers while trying to chop carrots for a homemade soup. He was still practicing with his fingers taped. The injury was “extremely, extremely minor.” Bryant said.

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