Machine Learning Arrives for Customer Success

This month, Natero announced public availability of the first customer success platform that merges machine learning for predicting behavior and big data analytics for deep customer insights — into a single product.

Founded in 2012 by veterans from the big data, data science and distributed system industries, Natero helps companies place actionable data directly in the hands of customer success teams through simple and intuitive interfaces.

Customer success is an emerging function that ensures SaaS customers receive continuous value and remain loyal users. Using Natero, SaaS vendors significantly increase customer retention and identify accounts that are ripe for expansion.

“Existing customer success solutions are based solely on intuition and best-guesses rather than data science and business intelligence,” said Craig Soules, Natero Founder and CEO. “As a result, companies are missing out on critical opportunities to retain and expand within their existing accounts.”

By continuously evaluating hundreds of usage and business metrics, Natero learns which risk factors and expansion opportunities exist and can engage CSMs at just the right time. The result is higher retention rates and increased upsell opportunities.

Curious to learn more? Read the complete product announcement at: