How To Make Your Bedroom Super Cosy

When you get home from a long day, you want your bedroom to be your very own corner of heaven. The good news is, creating a comfortable hideaway is super easy and doesn’t have to cost the world. Here are a few of my favourite ways to make a bedroom extra cosy and inviting.

Be Liberal With Rugs

First things first, a snuggly room needs fluffy rugs and lots of them. You don’t have to break the bank and buy them all at once though. The most important rug is the one that your toes hit first in the morning. So, find a little one for the side of your bed, my favourites are sheepskins, and get that walking on a cloud feeling whenever you get in or out.

Invest in a Comfy Bed

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a busy day and curling up under the covers. A mattress or frame that’s not right for you though, can seriously reduce this pleasure. Buying a whole new bed is expensive, but you can always buy a mattress online to keep costs down. This way you get all the enjoyment of a new bed for half of the price! After all, you spend a third of your life there, so making sure you’re comfortable is an investment worth committing to.

Scatter Cushions and Throws

When you want to just flop on your bed and watch Netflix there are a few things you need to be extra cosy. Big cushions are great for propping yourself up and, let’s be honest, to keep your snacks on too. You can mix all different textures with some silky for a slick feel and some fluffy for comfort. The same goes for throws, I love the big chunky knits that look super cosy and stylish.

Hang String Lights

Soft lighting is essential to feeling relaxed and string lights are perfect for this. Hang them from your bed or use transparent clips to arrange them in a pretty pattern on your wall. I’m a big fan of using Pinterest for inspiration, they’ve got some great ideas pinned there. It’s also important to note that there are lots of different qualities of light and I would go for a warmer shade, nothing says cosy like a warm candle-like glow.

Keep it Tidy

A cosy environment is also a clean one, so once you have everything in place it is very important to keep your bedroom clean and clear of clutter. Make sure you take plates to the kitchen and fold and put away clothes as you use them. In the morning before you leave, take the time to make your bed so it looks inviting when you return at night.

Your bedroom is the one place you can really relax in, so taking the time to make it warm and inviting is well worth it. All it takes are a few (mainly fluffy) additions, a comfy bed and string lights and voila!