The Resurgence of the Four Poster

There’s nothing I love more than cosying up on the sofa in front of a nice warm fire, especially when it gets colder and the weather gets a little less agreeable. But, there comes a time, usually around mid-October when the weather starts beating on the windows and I should be content…but I’m not. Probably because there’s an unbearable contrast between the summery furniture I bought in for the warmer months and the grey kept at bay by the double glazing.

I feel awful for complaining about it, because there are actual issues in the world that need our attention…but for whatever reason it really rubs me up the wrong way. My husband thinks I’m hilarious, because I really can’t sit comfortably when there’s so much noise.

So, here I am again — planning an interior redesign for Autumn and Winter. (I’m not completely mad! As this is a yearly occurrence, I keep the furniture we aren’t using in the loft for the next change!)

Here are a few of themes that I’m planning to bring in for this year:

Four Poster Bed

From princesses to oligarchs, four poster beds are pretty much the hallmark of a designer bedroom. Typically, four posters are classical arrangements that are the perfect complement to Edwardian or Georgian bedrooms — but in recent years there’s been a resurgence in love for the four poster bed and as a result, we’re seeing gorgeous contemporary and minimalist four posters for modern bedrooms spring up that are more affordable than ever. I’d thought my husband would hate the idea, but surprisingly he seems open to changing up the bedroom to accommodate one!

There’s something so enticing about a cossetted hideaway. There’s an added degree of privacy that typical bed frames simply don’t afford.


The summer months are great for trying out greens, bright blues and even yellows (not all at once obviously). All of that goes out of the window when the days get shorter and the cold starts to nip at toes that have escaped from the bedsheets (yet another reason to get a four poster!).

Monochrome when used properly can really bring the best out of a room and instead of contrasting with the bleak outside, complements it beautifully to create a relaxing, muted space.


Monochrome and minimalism go hand in hand. Much like how you’ll use an abundance of natural light in summer to make a room seem spacious, in Winter, the negative colour space between sparsely placed furniture can be used to make rooms seem enormous and inviting. Though, that’s not to say that you should forget about lighting altogether. A single source of light from a corner, or a bedside lamp (nothing too bright or loud) will do just enough to highlight the key features of the room.



Ok, I’ll admit that you can’t exactly follow a minimalist design style when one of your favourite design features is an (over)abundance of pillows. I don’t know what it is about them! I’m the host that will force you to remove fourteen pillows from the guest room before you snuggle into bed. That’s not the easiest thing in the world if we’ve had all had a glass or two of red over dinner either. Admittedly, I’m also the same host that gets a little bit upset when I’m not complemented on the number of pillows in the morning. But I guess I’ll just have to live for me. They’re so comfy!

Quilts and Throws

I’ll spend hundreds of hours on the internet staring longingly at quilts and throws to lay over every available inch of living room and bedroom surface. In the past we’ve always had the heating on a couple of degrees higher towards Christmas…but now we’ve got gorgeous woollen quilts (and maybe a four poster to trap in the heat too) we’ll be able to save extra on the heating bills and not lose a moments sleep. Nothing says sophistication like a quilt.