Visiting Filming Locations in the UK — My Holiday Idea

Grrr. The husband and I are still deciding where to head away to for this year’s holiday. My role is to bring the ideas to the table. My first port of call were the Brit favourites: The Maldives, Marbella, Cyprus, Rome, The Seychelles, Marseilles. Of course, they all look gorgeous — but nothing stood out to me. That’s when I had a brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea.

Why don’t we visit some iconic film sets in the UK and spend a night or two in each city along the way? It will keep the travel costs down, the weather (fingers crossed) will stay as scorching as it has been and we’ll get to visit far more cities than we would do if we went abroad. It isn’t often we get to truly appreciate how lucky we are to live in the UK and maybe it’s the best time to revive my love for the UK, in wake of recent elections — or lack thereof!

So here’s the plan I’ve drawn out:

Brighton — Oh What a Lovely War and Brighton Rock

This one is cheating, slightly. We actually live here, but it’s a great excuse to get an ice-cream and walk along the promenade where iconic British films like Brighton Rock and Oh What a Lovely War were filmed. With the new addition of the i360 to our seafront we’ll be able to see the whole of Brighton from up in the clouds! Whether you love or hate the tower itself, the views from up top look incredible.

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In the car we get, off to our second location.

Oxford — Harry Potter, The Golden Compass and History Boys

Christ Church College was the filming location for the Great Hall in Harry Potter! Funnily enough, as we were planned our trip — I found that scenes from The Golden Compass were also filmed in the courtyard just outside Christ Church College’s Great Hall! Yes, maybe the film didn’t live up to the books exactly… but we can’t deny how great the cinematography was.

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The History Boys is another big influence for us visiting Oxford first, I absolutely love that film! Hopefully we’ll spend a number of days in the centre of Oxford and get to visit the Radcliffe Camera, the Bodleian Library and all of the historical universities. Did you know that Oxford University was established before the Aztec civilisation (neither did I).

The Cotswolds — War Horse, Pride and Prejudice, Stardust and Downton Abbey

Costume dramas have always been my guilty pleasure, are there any more iconic than Pride and Prejudice? Trick question — Downton Abbey of course! I’ve also seen that War Horse was filmed in the little village of Bampton too. I don’t particularly fancy staying in some modern hotel chain, I’d far rather stay in one of the hundreds of pretty Cotswold cottages scattered around the beautiful towns and villages in the Cotswolds.

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Similar to the Golden Compass, Stardust might not have been the most memorable film ever. But it had one of the most memorable soundtracks (in my eyes at least) thanks to Take That’s ‘Rule the World’. We’ll visit the stunning fictional village of wall, even the wall itself — not the one from Game of Thrones! That’s one for another trip.

I just can’t wait; the Cotswolds looks absolutely wonderful.

Cornwall — Sense and Sensibility, Dracula and Poldark

The trip from the Cotswolds to Cornwall should be relatively straightforward. With that said, it might look like a diagonal line on the map, but my husband always finds a way to overcomplicate the simplest of drives.

If we do get to Cornwall eventually, I’d like to get my fair share of sun in on one of Cornwall’s white beaches. As much as I love Brighton, the stones and pebbles that make up the beachfront aren’t much to comfortably lie on.

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My visit to Cornwall has been long overdue and this time around I’ll get to visit filming locations from Sense and Sensibility (another period drama I know) and Poldark — TV’s most dreamy protagonist. After visiting Dartmoor and St Agnes head, where a large number of scenes for both were filmed, I’m planning to venture to Saint Michaels Mount just off the coast of Cornwall to see where they filmed the 1979 version of Dracula.

Sadly, that’s the last location on my plan this time. I don’t feasibly see us having enough time to properly enjoy each city if we were to visit anymore. It’s a shame we aren’t going to venture further north, but if all goes well on this holiday — we can try again next year. As long as there is a golf course at some point on our holidays he’s a happy hubby!