In its second edition, the Playfair AI Summit 2016 will explore the frontiers of artificial intelligence (AI) research and how these technologies are leveraged by companies to extend the functionality of products and services, as well as enable entirely new ones altogether. It’s overwhelmingly clear that AI is transforming our personal and professional lives, as well as the operations of businesses worldwide. AI also has profound implications for the future fabric and functioning of society.

On Friday July 1st, we’ll welcome over 300 delegates along with 18 speakers hailing from academia and industry. They are research and entrepreneurial leaders in engineering, computer vision, machine learning, bioinformatics, deep learning, optimisation, natural language processing and understanding, privacy, security, computational neuroscience, data science and product development. Hailing from both technology companies and Universities, speakers will deliver a mix of talks and fireside conversations led by journalists from The Economist and Bloomberg.

This year’s Summit is proudly sponsored by Cooley LLP and Amazon Web Services, and hosted at Bloomberg LP in London.

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