I can see your point — I cannot defend his statements — and if it turns out he actually assaulted…
Publius Americanus

Bill is a sleaze, but he’s not running. He is also not on record celebrating or defending actual sexual assault the way Trump is.

Yes, it’s true that while we don’t have his own words like we do Trump’s, there are some accusations of assault against him. I’ve said often enough about other predators that we need to believe the women, so I’d be a hypocrite if I dismissed the accusations against the former president. That said, they have always come out with the fiscal help of Bill’s political enemies, at politically inopportune times for him or his wife, and never with any corroborating evidence (as opposed to the accusations against Trump, which come from the press or from the accusers themselves, but not with the support of Clinton donors — and are often in public settings which would mean there are witnesses, and fit Trump’s own descriptions of himself). It’s also true that no one has been the victim of more blatantly false or exaggerated conspiracy theories than the Clintons (like Vince Foster). All of that casts doubt on these stories, so while I certainly won’t defend Bill or vilify his accusers, I also have to take the accusations with a grain of salt. I don’t think there’s enough “there” there to view both candidates or their families in the same light. Trump is far, far, far worse, certainly in terms of what’s been proven rather than speculated.

That said, even if it is all true, it’s wrong to hold a wife accountable to her husband’s misdeeds. And did she mistreat or bully his accusers? Well, what spouse who believes their husband wouldn’t? Either way, she’s a victim (either of him, or of lies against the two of them), and acted defensively the way most people in her position would.

So no, I’m not going to defend his actions, but I will defend hers. And his don’t even matter because he’s not running.