If this is your locker-room banter, then you have a problem.

“This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago.” — Donald Trump

I am a man. I have engaged in “locker room banter.” I have had private conversations with other men about women. I’ve certainly experienced, and I will admit from time to time vocalized, lust.

I have never bragged about kissing women who didn’t want it. I have never endorsed hitting on married women. I don’t believe I have ever reduced passers by to nothing more than their legs. I have NEVER grabbed anyone sexually, and certainly never celebrated that violent act.

Seriously, did you really expect anything else from this sleaze? After all he’s said and done before, how is any of this a surprise? Picture via The High Wall

“It’s private guy talk” is no excuse, especially not for anyone who purports to be a Christian. I know private guy talk, and this shouldn’t be it. When it is, the other men involved MUST shut it down. “Locker-room banter” is not above reproach. Not everything is okay as long as it’s said in private. If you don’t talk about women as people, if you like to joke about assault, then the problem isn’t that you express these views in public — it’s that you hold the views at all. If that’s your locker-room banter, change your locker-room banter, and work to change yourself. And if you, like Billy Bush, hear another man bantering that way? Be a man. Take the risk. Tell him it’s not ok. Women need us to step up. You’ll get push back, but with time and persistence, the message WILL spread. Our culture CAN change.

Everything about Friday’s Donald Trump news — starting with the pro-assault comments and Billy Bush’s acceptance, but most definitely including the so-called apology — is pure rape culture. Voting for this man is deplorable. We are, and certainly must be, better than this. This is no worse than banning all Muslims, wanting Saudi Arabia and Japan to get nukes, or dismissing officials based on their race, but enough is enough. Please save the republic from a leader who will do more to mainstream sexism, misogyny, racism, and danger than anyone has done since women’s suffrage passed.

I am embarrassed. Not just as an American, but as a man. #ItsOnUs to reject this, and end rape culture.

I’ll wrap up with this, from Vox: “It’s serious because this kind of cavalier treatment of sexual assault is the definition of rape culture. When men see sexual assault as a punchline, or even something to brag about, they take it less seriously when they see or hear about it happening, and they take women less seriously who talk about it.”

And let’s not think that the rest of the GOP is any different — that’s why we got Trump as a national candidate in the first place. Pence would not be a much better nominee:

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Dad. Priest. @FaithfulAmerica campaigns director. Episcopal Climate News editor. @BarackObama @SierraClub digital alum. Texan. Americana fan. You are loved.

Dad. Priest. @FaithfulAmerica campaigns director. Episcopal Climate News editor. @BarackObama @SierraClub digital alum. Texan. Americana fan. You are loved.