Assessment 6 — Hosting

It’s the end of the year and it’s time for the final assessment. This assessment is about the final step of developing a website: Hosting. We won’t actually be hosting our websites (although we can if we want), but we still have to talk about it and recommend a hosting service.

To host the website the web host will need:

  • 10GB disk space for storing images and other items
  • 20GB monthly data limit

Here is a comparison table I made for 3 web hosting companies. Going off this table as well as the additional research I did, I would have to recommend DreamHost for hosting my website. Although it’s servers are in the US, you can’t argue with it’s price and features. It’s main selling point would be it’s unlimited disk space and monthly data usage, and cheap price compared to Australian web hosts. This may not be too important for the website I’ve made as it’s only ~3mb big, but for a larger website for a larger business this can be very important. It’s also very reassuring to know that my website won’t be down for long, or even at all, thanks to their 100% uptime guarantee.