Week 4 — Web Design: Task 1

Week 4 is among us and we've been given our first Assessment task. The task involves writing a blog post about Summarising the Brief, Evaluating Social Media Options, and Design Sketches.

Summarising the Brief

I originally decided to on the Main Street Corner client pack but later changed to Broken Lens Photography as I feel I'll enjoy making an image based website more. This client pack involves making a website for wedding photographer specialist, Francis McDougal, who is looking for a way to showcase her work to potential customers, and to be easily contacted for bookings. She is also looking to have a blog set up to have linked to her website with the rest of her social media accounts.

I did some market research for the different website and found that many photography websites are very minimalist and have some sort of gallery or showcase of images on the main page. The client wants potential customers to easily see her work as well as easily contact her so I was thinking of having a few image scroll of the main page and having some contact info in the footer, as well as a separate page for more detailed info.

Being someone who specialises in wedding photography, her target audience will obviously be people looking to have their wedding photos done.

I plan on making the website myself using HTML5 and CSS rather than using a CMS as I feel this will give me more control over the creation of the project.

Evaluating Social Media Options

I've already spoken briefly about this in a previous blog post but I’ll summarise and expand upon it here anyway. You can read the original post here: https://medium.com/@NathanHallinan/web-design-week-3-c0cc6eba4fd

There are some pros and cons to integrating social media into a website. Some of integrating social media would be how much easier it is to be noticed compared to just having a website, having a way to interact with customers and for them to leave comments and interact with you. Some cons of integrating social media is it’s very easy for people to leave unnecessarily negative comments, as well as the fact that if the integration isn’t done well, it can leave a sour taste in users mouth’s doing more harm than good.

As far as Social Media goes, my client only uses Facebook, Instagram, and a blog that will need to be set up. Facebo0k and Instagram are great websites for sharing images and promoting her business due to their popularity and ease of use. For the blog I’ve decided to recommend Tumblr. I chose Tumblr as it’s free, easy to use, and it’s mobile friendly, which is very important as ~65% of social network activity is from mobile devices.

Design Sketches

Here are my sketches for the website:

These are only rough sketches at the moment as I only have a rough idea of how I want the website to look. It will evolve and shape itself more as it is built.