3 Songs That Shaped My Teenage Years (Edited)

The song “First Date” was a wildly popular song from my favorite band Blink 182. The song brings back good memories from High School and is overall a really hype song along with an incredible chorus. Over the summer in 2016, I got to see them in Virginia Beach which was awesome!

The song “Car Radio” is from the band Twenty One Pilots, who recently have exploded into the mainstream music scene. I discovered Twenty One Pilots early on when they released their album “Vessel” and it’s been amazing to see them grow with their unique style of music. This song in particular is just extremely well written going from a mellow beat to fast pace dance music.

I ponder of something great
My lungs will fill and then deflate

The song “Fireflies” is from the singer Adam Young who uses the band label of Owl City to release his music. I am particularly fond of this song just cause it’s very different compared to a majority of music I listen to, but Owl City’s music is just really soothing tied along with deep meaning in everyone of his songs. While different compared to Blink 182 and Twenty One Pilots, Owl City is up there amongst some of my favorite bands of all time!

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