Dakota Access Pipeline

  • “Dakota Access pipeline protesters crowdsource for $5,000, get $1 million” The goal for the group was to make a modest $5,000 to help support the effort, however the crowdfunding has reached a impressive $1 million: CLICK HERE
  • “Dakota pipeline protestors encourage people to deceive police using Facebook” Protestors believe that if people flood Facebook with irrelevant check ins, then that would possibly confuse police who commonly use Facebook to track illegal activity : CLICK HERE
  • “Hollywood A-listers join protests against controversial Dakota Access pipeline”. Several celebrities are weighing their opinion on the matter such as popular actors Mark Ruffalo, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio and more : CLICK HERE
  • “Chris Hemsworth protests Dakota Access Pipeline” Hemsworth recently posted on Instagram in support of the protestors of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Instagram post shows him in his Thor costume holding a sign saying “We stand with Standing Rock” : CLICK HERE
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