Medium is Broken
A.H. Chu

Hey! I dig this article. Medium is one of the few apps that I don’t have organized into a “app sub-folder” meaning I expect to use it a lot.

But I don’t.

I see the green M and think, man this is awesome, a platform to peer into the minds of all kinds of different people. But the next thought I have is, too bad most of the articles are something along the lines of “I’m a start up founder and I’m finding that first I need to love myself and oh here’s 48 life hacks that make you more enlightened to do before 6:30 AM!!!!!!”

The homogeneity of the articles is disappointing. And the most formulaic of them always seem to be appearing at the top of my feed, despite, like you said, who I’m following.

Maybe if medium didn’t just recommend the most liked articles?

Or feeds were constructed by weighting the tags more heavily so that I can read about topics I’m interested in?

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