31 Things (Big and Small) to Know by the Time You’re 20
The Huffington Post

I like everything on this list except:

21. Remember that confidence is sexier than anything else. But it’s also OK to not feel confident or sexy some of the time. You’re a human being.

As if just realizing that confidence is sexy will make someone say “oh I’ll just start feeling confident now.”

As far as I know, it doesn’t work like that.

Building confidence requires hard work, determination, and usually takes place over a long period of time. True core confidence grows as you acquire a more complete understanding of yourself, as well as an awareness of other people and

your relation to them.

The road to confidence looks different for every one. The important thing is not that you make the “correctly” decision every step of the way, but simply that you take those steps.

If you’re not confident, that’s fine. Don’t lie to yourself. Accept yourself as you are in the moment.

That being said, don’t let a lack of confidence keep you from taking action, diving into new experiences, and giving it your best effort. If you do this, you will grow, and growth is, as far as I know, how you build confidence.

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