Are we giving algorithms too much power is society today or is Bogost overreacting to the algorithmic culture of today’s world?
The Church of Algorithm?

“I don’t believe in organized religion” — always a fun thing to overhear at a party. It’s a statement that should be predicated with, “After a few beers and ZERO research…” It’s a conversational black hole that is likely a low point to an evening, but it’s actually built upon interesting questions of culture, institutions, and traditions. In the right setting, (i.e. not 11pm on a Friday night), it can be an enlightening discussion. After reading Bogost, I’d love to come back with the quip, “I don’t believe in organized technology,” and shift the conversation.

While I certainly agree with you that I don’t ‘feel’ the pervasiveness of algorithmic technologies, I agree with Bogost that they are simplifications and distortions. His example of Google Maps is certainly an assemblage of many elements that steer the user through a highly structured and multi-layered platform.

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