Evaluating Social Media Options

Social media is becoming more and more accepted in website design, with most websites adding social media elements.

Some of the pros of this addition are;
- Websites gain much more exposure, potentially leading to more business.
- Free advertising using pages based around your business. E.g. Facebook groups, Twitter groups.
- Provide updates on the business that people see everyday using Facebook/Twitter groups.
- Get feedback for customers using Facebook/Twitter.

Some of the cons of this addition are;
- Feedback from customers could be negative, to be seen by other possible customers.
- Your competitors could be listed in the same directory as yours, unintentionally losing business to a rival business.

One website using social media integration well is Spotify. With a simple login to Facebook you can log into Spotify’s services. One website that uses it poorly is Tesco. Adding tweets they recently made to the site and tweeting about inappropriate things.

For my website I aim to have Facebook and Instagram features. Customers can link to them on the site and get updates about the business.

The 3 types of social media sites that would fit my site would be Social Publishing sites e.g. Facebook and Twitter, Media sharing sites like Instagram and maybe discussion forums to talk to clients.