Summarising the Brief.

I have chosen the Close Shave Barber Shop website and plan to use it for my assessment.

The client is asking for online presence including a website that has an interactive map and a way to book online, a Facebook page and a way to easily share photos (Instagram). The goal will be to integrate all these things in one easily accessible website.

The website is aimed at men in the area looking for a hairdresser. Based on the shop the audience could be eccentric in nature.

The website will need functionality for Facebook and Instagram links as well as Google Maps to add the interactive map. Also it must be able to reflect the style of the shop to some degree. HTML and CSS will be needed for the basic layout of the site with Javascript for the Facebook, Instagram and Google Maps elements.

I looked at the Agape Hair website to see other websites around this area and it’s incredibly interactive with everything working without losing the theme around it.

I may look into adding more Javascript parts of the site to improve it’s quality but if I can’t learn how to add these parts I will stick to HTML and CSS.

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