Day 11 — Doing little things that bring happiness

Writing these posts have really helped me understand who I am and what I really like to do. It’s made me reflect on each day and think about the happy moments that I can take from each day too. It’s good for my headspace.

I’m normally the first person to turn down a social invite from a friend. Sometimes it’s too much hassle, especially if you’re not really feeling up for anything in your head. Other times, I just won’t want to go. However, as I’m actively trying to do more things that help me out I took up an offer from my friend Jamie to see Saint Louis rapper Smino for his first live show in London.

I love gigs and haven’t seen anything resembling a rave since February when Mr Carmack touched down so it was ice to have the opportunity to feel some music through my chest again. The night was awesome, Smino had a great vibe about him and I’ll write more about his performance tomorrow.

What I enjoyed most about the night was that it gave me a moment to step away for things and just take in what was in front of me in that evening. In the build up to writing this, I looked through my calendar to see what I’ve actually been up to other than work this year and the answer is not much so far. That’s what got me to this point, so I’m actively trying to do a little more each day.

I think it’s so important to take time out not only to reflect on a day but to think about what you can do with that time too. It’s helped me free up my thoughts, relax, and bring a more happiness my way, even in an environment that’s dark and loud like a rave in East London.

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