Day 124 — Lights Please

I had my own J. Cole moment the other day.

I went to visit my Dad to see my family to make sure my little sister didn’t forget who I was (it didn’t work) but overall I had a nice time.

It got dark and I figured I should head home and my Dad walked me downstairs. I took my bike outside and geared up for the ride ahead in the dark. Things were about to get awkward though. I don’t have a back light and my Dad didn’t know that.

I pull on my jacket, slowly zip it up then bring my front light out and attach it to the holder. Then I pause because he’s just staring at me.

“where’s your back light?!”

“I don’t have one”


He couldn’t believe it and rightfully so too. The truth is that I wanted a new back light so had left my old one on my bike to get stolen to give me a reason to get a new one. In hindsight, that was incredibly stupid. Since its been stolen, I’ve relied on street lights and reflective clothing but didn’t have that when I visited my Dad unfortunately.

We went back and forth about him giving me a light. I refused at least 10 times before giving in. Then he went into his van and rustled around while I waited with my bike. I felt to just get on and cycle away while he wasn’t looking!

He comes out with a torch. Not a small light by any stretch of the imagination. This thing was big! He lines it up against the back of my pannier rack and then goes back into the van and reemerged with cables ties.

He then proceeded to tie the torch to my bike and left it looking as bush as possible! I couldn’t believe it to be honest. It just made me want to go home and buy a light as quick as possible so I wouldn’t have to cycle around like that any longer.

Then he told me that I could throw it off my bike when I turn around the corner but he needs to know that I’m at least safe leaving the house.

I didn’t throw it away. I kept it on. I needed it.

Thanks Dad.

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