Day 13 — That soulection wave

‘Are you gonna write a blog on tonight?!’

I kept on hearing that last night as I bounced around with my friends in Brixton to the sounds that Samantha Duenas (sosupersam) was blazing through the venue, demanding a reaction from the crowd with each song.

She was fucking sick.

As I mentioned the other day, I haven’t been out much this year so I was happy that the time had finally came for my third Soulection event in London. Their parties are always special. It’s got a great mix of people that are all usually there to have a good time. Sure, there’s been an increase in eejyats attending that drink too much Vodka and think that pushing people and falling over constantly is dancing but hey ho, shit happens. Most of the people there are ready to really vibe together.

Last year, me and my friends strolled into Koko as a huge squad both times, this year though, the numbers were smaller but I was determined to still make the most of it. When the lineup was released for this events roster I was so happy to see Julio Galvez (The Whooligan) there because his sets before have nearly made me lose my shoes in the madness. Him, Abjo and IAMNOBODI played some of the best sets that I have ever heard last year.

I’m not one of those people that go out every week, I’ve never been interested in doing that. When I do decide to don my raving shoes though, I like to have a good time. I don’t know what it is about when Soulection come to town but they make me want to party my hardest. I’ve been listening to the show for years and love what Joe Kay and Andre Power have created together and I’m forever thankful and grateful that they have made Soulection into what it was. It’s been a long journey but it’s paying off these days, I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

Anyway, back to the rave. I tentatively made my way to the front so I could be with my people. The rest of the fools that know that the front of the rave, in the middle is where the party is at. Sosupersam continues to have us guessing where to put our hands and feet with each beat she drops and the energy just gets higher and higher. Hannah Faith and her friends are on stage partying together and everyone around me is just smiling, having a great time. As her set comes to a close, it’s time for The Whooligan to take control of the crowd and just like last year, he’s straight into it with the hard tunes, a circle quickly forms and then we all bounce together, feeling the music we normally hear through cracked laptop speakers on full volume, shaking our chests to the core.

We spread out, circles get made, we join back up, jump up and down and listen for where Julio wants us to go after, it’s special.

I’ve not been happy lately but last night brought some much needed smiles to my life. To everyone that was a part of that party, thank you.

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