Day 133 —Drift off

After work, I headed home without any plans. The sun was shining which initially made me want to make something of the day but at the same time, I was exhausted. I had come to the end of a long, taxing week of work and just wanted to rest in my own way.

So after grabbing a bite to eat that included some much-needed cake. I went to home to relax and drift off. I watched some YouTube videos. I’m currently about a month behind Casey Neistat’s vlogs and it’s really getting to me. Then I started playing Batman, Arkham Asylum, which blows me away each time I open it up. The game is too damn good.

I sat in bed while hours quickly passed. I eventually turned off my Xbox and thought to myself, “damn, I haven’t really done anything today”.

No, I didn’t, but I did what I wanted to do.

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