Day 144 — Rewards

How do you reward yourself for doing something good? Do you treat yourself to something new? New clothes? Go to a restaurant you like?

It varies for me. Sometimes I reward myself simply with relaxation. If I’ve been having a good week (like this one). I might just make the choice to chill out and not do anything. Zone out for an evening while listening to Blonde and letting my mind fall into an eased state.

Other times, I’ll reward myself with food. Not good food either. I like the crap. Fish and chips, takeaway Chinese food, pizza, you name it, I love it. Now though, as I begin to pursue not only a higher level of fitness but a tougher mental state too, I think my rewards need to chance to reflect what I’m trying to achieve.

While food is (and always will be) great. Junk food isn’t, especially when it’s a regular occurrence. So I’ll be rewarding myself from now on with things that are going to make me feel good and have a good effect on me.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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