Day 149 — Change of pace

Today I decided to take the bus. Normally I cycle pretty much everywhere and I’ve written about this before too. I like the control that cycling gives me, and I of course love the price because London renting sucks.

It was a short journey and slow which was what I expected. The nicest thing about it though was that I got a chance to slow down. Cycling, as great as it is, requires my head to be switched on, always looking around and obviously trying to avoid death. With that going on, my mind’s occupied with a set amount of thoughts that don’t change that often.

Getting the bus and changing my pace allowed me to simply think of other things while I commuted. I got to think about this (my medium posts) my progress with personal projects and tasks and just got to enjoy being taken somewhere.

Kind of like when I got a haircut a couple of weeks ago. It was about taking just a little bit more care of myself.

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