Day 182 — Safe Spaces

I started my training for The Great Initiative (who do great work for young men, check them out). We started the day with your run of the mill introductions of who we are and why we were there. Everybody was so different. I felt that I was amongst the youngest there.

When I walked into the room, I sat next to the only other brother in the room. This was for two reasons. The first reason has already been said obviously. Second was because everyone was sitting in that public seating kind of way. You know when you leave an empty seat either side of you? That’s what was happening and I figured that we were going to be together all day (shouts to Kanye) anyway, so why not?

When everyone had finally arrived, I realised that the three POC (including me) were all wearing bomber jackets. What you gonna do? I liked it to be honest. At least we were all on the same wavelength.

The day really kicked off once we started to do activities and ask questions around sexism, gender and masculinity and grew into an experience that I’m glad to have been a part of and contributed to. We shared a lot about ourselves, our experiences and what we can do to combat some of the things in the world. It was refreshing to be in such a welcoming and open environment.

Getting through to teenage boys isn’t easy, but I’m going to try my best.

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