Day 183 — Lets keep talking

I’m hyper aware of pretty much everything that I do right now. This project is a reflection of my life and I continue to navigate through, worrying about the losses and ignoring the wins. It’s something I’m still getting to grips with. Maybe I’ll never fully adjust and there will always be something slightly awkward and unknown about this. I don’t know.

Today is World Mental Health Day, and with it, I have seen so much focus on a subject which I have been trying to shed more light on for the last six months and I’m personally quite pleased with what’s being said and done around it all. I’m not saying it’s in a good place, because it isn’t. I am not settling for simple acknowledgement of an issue, that is nowhere near enough. We need more and we’ll get there eventually. While we’re very much in the bad times right now, I urge my people to keep on talking.

Today I read and watched something that reminded me that we have a lot of work to do. Ralph Hardy, a human (first and foremost), good guy, great DJ and radio presenter, published a piece today called Such a heavy weight. It’s an intimate recollection of a moment he had. A moment where sadness came for him and what happened in that period.

What touched me most about Ralph’s honesty and words was the video that essentially set him off which see’s Anthony Griffith tell a story.

Watch the video and then remind yourself to keep on talking. His story could have been the same in 2016.

Please keep talking.
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