Day 202 — Alone Time

I’ve been thinking about the Sunday that I had all week so it only felt right to write about it.

I’m still adjusting to actually having weekends again. For the last 14 months, Sundays have simply meant ‘work’. Now they have their real meaning back. Work, rest, play, do whatever the hell you want to do. I actually love it. Having two consecutive days off to recharge and think is so good for the mind and body.

I started the day with some DIY work around my girlfriends house before heading swiftly to a great workshop with Consented. It’s where I wrote my last post and since then have felt a certain ‘ease’ in the back of my mind. It brought about a calmness to me which I had forgotten about. After that, I went to pick up my bike from the shop. I dropped it in for a service the day before. It’s one of the things that I decided to do after breaking my bike in the summer. Just giving it regular check ups rather than taking it to the shop only when it breaks. Good ‘adulting’ Nathaniel. Up until this point, it was all really pleasant and refreshing.

Then it got dark outside and I had no plans for the rest of my evening. So I treated myself to something that I actually wanted to do for a while. I went to the cinema, alone. I’ve been scared about looking weird for doing it but on Sunday, I didn’t care. Did I go to see Fantastic Beasts by myself? Yes. Did I watch it in 3D? Yes. Did I sit right in the middle of the theater? Of course I did, and you know what? It wasn’t that bad at all.

I had more free time afterwards so checked out a Thai Restaurant down the road for some tasty and warm dinner.

I spent the day enjoying my own company and simply being happy with myself. I haven’t done anything like that for the longest time.

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