Day 21 — Deadout

You’re tired, your eyes are red out
You heard what I said, you need to go bed
Blood, your flow is DEADOUT

Always big up JME.

My Monday’s aren’t what they used to be. In my old job it symbolised the start of the week and a time to plan how I was going to get shit done until Friday so the following Monday wouldn’t be so bad. Now though, Monday’s just feel like another day.

I meet Peigh to discuss all things swim dem and then head to Archway to teach lots of gremlins (they’re nice, really). After that I cycle over to Stratford for our Swim Dem sessions. It’s 12 or 13 hours out of the house but still doesn’t feel like much. It’s a little bit of work in chunks spread throughout the day.

The lessons were hard and kinda sucked on my part. We all have off days. I started teaching a new boy today and he’s autistic and really brightened up the shift for me, it made the lesson special.

Today it looks it’s toll though. When I finally got back to my girlfriends home, I felt like I shouldve just went straight to bed. Today killed me. Work was hard. Swim dem set was hard. My legs were tired from the run yesterday.

It’s a good feeling though. I wasn’t exhausted from life, I just needed a rest today. Tomorrow I have another full day and I will get shit done.

I’m going to spend this week trying to figure out which day of the week should be my new Monday because I don’t work on a Monday to Friday schedule anymore.

If it works, I’ll let you know.

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