Day 216 — Oscar the Recluse

This week, Oscar #worldpeace dropped Recluse. A nine-track foray into the mind of one of the UKs most interesting prospects.

I first became aware of the ‘Mook’ rapper via an article on SBTV and have been a fan ever since I heard him unapolgetically utter the lyric “F*ck you bitch I got big balls”.

Isolated, it may not sound like much, but when it’s sandwiched in between a song about aspirations, self-worth and mental health, it forms the glue in which Oscar pieces his spiralling tracks together.

Oscar can only be himself and that comes across every time he steps up to the mic to record.

Bet that you all accept me
if not then you better respect me
Oscar #worldpeace — Cult

He’s been relatively quiet since Mook. Tracks have been drip-fed to us, always leaving fans wanting more. Now, we realise that Oscar has been working away, and honing his craft. Ralph Hardy has regularly championed the artist in his NANG Selection shows and recently interviewed Oscar #worldpeace where he detailed his approach to music, inspiration and the source of his honest style.

“This form of expression is the best thing I’ve ever found in life, I just love music.”

“I’m trying to channel my depression into passion”

— Oscar #worldpeace

For a young man and up and coming artist to be that honest, publicly on air is wonderful. Earlier this week, Jesse Bernard — the voice of our generation #Nokanye wrote about Stormzy’s admission of depression for shortlist and it’s refreshing to hear Oscar mention his own mental health publicy too.

Recluse, as a collection for me, serves as a showcase of raw talent and well thought-out production that plays off Oscars truly unique personality and skillset. The marrying of the two pays off beautifully and leaves you with an EP that demands your replays. I’m five plays deep so far.

The main message that I take away from Oscar #worldpeace and Recluse is to be yourself and see where it can take you. For Oscar, the future is bright and he has now laid solid foundations to build his castle.

His approach to music something, and interviews that I could use more of in life too.

Be yourself.

Buy Recluse here.

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