Day 226 — One Dance

We move with the Rhythm and to the Beat. Sometimes, it comes naturally and we don’t have to think. Other times, it’s planned and calculated by us. How will it go down? When do we move in? How do we make this dance whole?

I’m mesmerised by her energy, it feeds me. I want it. I want her. But first, we must listen, we must dance, move and feel to make sure it’s real.

We move closer now. We share each others warmth, our hips are aligned and moving as one. We’re connected. This goes deeper. This is our healing. Our moment, our time to connect in more ways than one.

I want her to open her mind to me on the dance floor, to let me into those intimate movements that are reserved for the most deserving.

I want to feel the pulse in her head, chest and in-between her thighs all at the same time.

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