Day 32 — Letting my hair down

Today I went out for the first time since the great people at Soulection blessed Brixton. Things have been a little tense for me this week so it was nice to step away from it all to boogie down with my girlfriend and some of her friends.

Writing these posts, reflecting on the days that go by and flushing out the ideas that whirl around my head in 24 hours takes its toll yo. It’s been 32 days and I ain’t looking to stop anytime soon. Anyway, back to the night at hand.

On Fridays I work at Chingford and have to teach for three hours in the water. It’s all low stage kids that can’t swim yet. So the lessons are quite loose and I mainly look to develop water confidence without floats and a decent leg kick. When I do get to see some progress, off the kids go to the higher stage. I’m always stuck with the beginners, I only get to teach the kids the basics and don’t get to develop them into mini Swim Dem beasts like I want to. And that sucks sometimes but such is life.

Those three hour sessions take it out of me and I usually just need to lay down and decompress from the previous five days of teaching. Going out is never really on my mind for a Friday night but here I was, getting ready to head to this Prince night that was put on to honour the great man.

We arrived and had to make the party ourselves. Dancing with my girlfriend is always easy. I’m comfortable around her. The night just put a smile on my face. At times, I felt like I was just dancing around in my bedroom with her.

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