Day 49 — Time

Today I got to spend some time with my little sister. I haven’t seen her for probably a month so I was nervous. I wasn’t sure that she would remember me.

That happened before when I saw her for the first time after nearly a year had past. I’ll never forget walking through the door and seeing her stare at me on the stairs as a toddler. She was a baby the last time I saw her. Small. Needing care. Crying.

Now she had grown. She could talk. She was independent and I had missed all of it.

I won’t dive into the reasons for that but her growth almost seemed like a physical representation of my guilt. Time had passed and I had missed a small chunk of her already small life.

Since then I’ve made way more effort to see her and it’s been great. She knows she has a brother now and she didn’t really know or believe that before.

I’ve said it before but time doesn’t wait for anyone. Life will go on. People will grow and babies will turn into toddlers and young adults before you know it. Make time for the people you care for. Make them worth your time.

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